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Adventures in Nerd-dom

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Here's the basic junk...

I'm from Satellite Beach, FL (near Cocoa Beach). I'm a recent graduate of UCF in Orlando, with a degree in Acturarial Sciences. I am a huge nerd, but I am oh so proud of it. I appreciate people who are individuals, think for themselves, and don't feel like they have to fit in. I am proud to be a geek!

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User Number: 8733019
Date Created:2005-11-07
Number of Posts: 11

Short, studious and married she can be found knitting scarfs longer than herself. This married bookworm is a secret fireball that conceals her hidden spunk with a shy, quiet demeanor.
Strengths: Computative abilities of actuarial sciences, quick knitty fingers, the ability find anything in a messy room, incredible geekdom, husband in the Army
Weaknesses: The inability to disturb objects contained within her living realm post David visit, inept at leaving TV when Firefly is on
Special Skills: math brain, all night study powers, the ability to be married without a husband(who will return shortly)
Weapons: Cornucopia of Knitting Needles, Deadly Yarn, Sexy Shortness, Defender Against Sleazy Guys at Nightclubs Wedding Band
Modifiers: + 100 when with David, + 10 after vodka tonics, -100 after David leaves

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If any pic in my journal isn't working becuase I go stupid and change my labels, the link to my photobucket is http://photobucket.com/albums/c59/shishyb/ .

And the screen name is from a song called Girl Anachronism from a band called the Dresden Dolls. Yes, they're a little strange by mainstream standards. I'm a little strange by mainstream standards.